Разное оборудование,

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Разное оборудование,

рентген аппарат. Стоимость без учета растаможки и доставки. 1. Цифровой Рентген New Swiss Xray Digital Floor mounted DDR MULTI C-arm system.

Floor mounted C-arm. Focus Detector distance ( FFD) 150 cm Fix. Distance central beam to floor 450 mm- 1950 mm in horizontal position. Add-on Bucky.

Max image size 35 x 43 cm or 43 x 35 cm. Acquisition display time 20 seconds. Digitalisation 4096 grey levels 12 Bit. Rosolution.

3 lp/mm 170 microns pixel size. Removable grid. Solid state 3 field measuring chamber. X-ray generator GEN X-2000/4000 Highliner.

80 Kw High frequency technology. Swiss 1-2-3 poin anatomical program system. X-ray tube SRX 21 HS 1. Motorizid collimator with field indicator.

Mobile Patient Table DDR. Seize 2150 L x 675 W mm. Height 700 H mm..

Weight 53 Kg. Max load according IEC 601-1Dual brake system. Swiss Vision workstation. IBM compatible workstation.

Intel Pentium Processor 450 Mhz. Software SwissVision ddR incl post processing SW and patient folder. Windows NT. Monitor: 21 Monitor 1280 x 1024 Pixel.

Interfacing External SCSI interfacing CD-R. R/W. Windows compatible printer. Dicom 3.

0 by merge interface. Dicom basic printer class. Dicom storage class. Dicom query/retrieve class.

Hl-7 Admission. Dicom work management. System is 8 years old but BRAND NEW NEVER USED. Will be shipped in orginal Swiss packing /boxes.

System is immediatel available. стоимость: 50 000$ 2. Siemens Siremobil compact. 23 cm/220v 50 Hz 110 KV.

20 mA. Date of manufacturing 1997. Image intensifiier Sirecon 2. Software version 2H.

2 Monitors. Simomed N 44 cm. 625 lines/сто Hz. Sirecon 23-2 HDR-C laser light Localizers.

Universal keyboard. Tube sirephos. Focus 0,6 mm. Incl Diamentor C.

Memoscope 700 Matrix. 512. System has OEM service contract. System is in excellent condition.

System is immediately available. стоимость: 48 000$ 3. Рентген — 1999 Tube — Philips Chest System — Generator: Optimus 80 (HF, 3Phase) — PDU Unit, CS Overhead Tube Crane — Auto Collimator -..

. Digital Detector is missin. 5,000 с новеньким цифровым сенсором 4. Рентген 2002 Other Liebel-Flarsheim Hydrajust Plus X-Ray — 65kW High Frequency Generator — 16 Inch Quad Mode Image Intensifier — Elevating Table — Standard Load System — Dual High Resolution.

.. In stock. Professionally deinstlaled Urology suite.

стоимость: 22 000$

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